Bress Winery
Uncorking a vibrant wine rebrand
The Challenge

Victorian winery Bress crafts delicious award-winning wines. But, from a business & branding perspective they found themselves in need of a change. With retail margins shrinking, Bress wanted to shift its focus to direct sales online and at the cellar door. And while their chook logo was highly memorable and beloved by Bress drinkers, the brand needed a refresh to make it pop next to competitors on-shelf.


Brand Strategy
Packaging & POS
Digital Marketing
Social Media
Web Development

The Strategy

Bress has a lot to brag about in terms of the quality of its wine and the dining experience guests enjoy at the winery, but it’s hard to stand out on this alone in a competitive market. Bress has another very strong and topical point of difference, though: it’s Victoria’s first certified sustainable winery.

By telling this story better, we’d give Bress a compelling angle for PR – essential to raise brand awareness as the winery shifted more to online sales. We’d also give shoppers a unique reason to stop in store and pick up a bottle of Bress from the shelf, at which time strong quality cues would help seal the sale.

Graphically, the refresh needed to be mindful of the traditional nature of the wine industry, but modernise the look enough to re-orient the core range to appeal to Millennials. Bress’s higher-priced range also needed restyling to feel premium in today’s market.

Boosting direct sales would also require a retooling of their loyalty program, Bress Family, and more strategic use of database marketing.

The Solution

New label designs for the Bress core range modernise its font and present a streamlined chook in negative space, making a striking first impression. The silhouette frames photography of life at the winery, emphasising Bress’s artisanal approach.

We created a sustainability badge for the front label to showcase Bress’s environmental credentials. We also elevated sustainability to a much more prominent position in the refreshed Bress story on the back label.

For the premium range, a new black-on-black design gives the bottles a sleek and stylish new edge.

The rebrand will continue in coming months with a new website and new collateral – making sure that at every touchpoint Bress’s brand is as vibrant and memorable as its wine.