Disneyland® Paris
Brightening B2B sales
The Challenge

For over 10 years, Three Scoops has worked with Disneyland® Paris, designing print, digital and outdoor advertising, marketing collateral, and EDMs. For B2B campaigns, the challenge is how to attract the B2B audience when their time is increasingly precious and their attention to advertising very low.


Marketing Collateral
Digital Development
Web Development
Packaging & POS

The Strategy

The key? Maximise the incentive for the audience to engage with us. All our communications are imbued with a sense of magic and fun to momentarily transport them to Disneyland® Paris. Campaigns are also often built around small, entertaining activities or gifts that help brighten the reader’s working day. It’s all part of sharing the Disneyland Paris experience.

From Your Desk To The Disney® Parks

In the attractions industry, releasing a new brochure to travel agents is a big deal. And for Disneyland® Paris’s 25th Anniversary year, the brochure was more important than ever. So to generate excitement and increase bookings via agents, we created a special B2B2C digital strategy for the 25th Anniversary brochure release.

An email was sent to travel agents, announcing the launch of the brochure. This linked to an interactive website, which used music and animation to magically guide the reader through the brochure, educating them about highlights of the 25th Anniversary celebration so they were better able to sell the destination. At the end of the journey, the agent could generate an e-Card and send it to his customer database, to get the buzz building.

Creating Travel Agent Superstars

The better we can inform agents about what’s on offer at Disneyland® Paris, the more sales they are likely to make. But reading the latest news is not always an agent’s top priority. So to change this attitude, we created the Superstar Agent Challenge. By completing interactive quizzes which updated them about Disneyland® Paris, agents earned stars. These accumulated on a Leader’s Board, with the highest scoring agents winning a great prize and earning bragging rights as a Disneyland Paris Superstar Agent.

Sharing Mickey’s Magic

We created this 365º trade stand for a B2B exhibition in Paris. Structured around existing furniture, we designed an immersive space conjured by the magic of Mickey. A story developed across every element in the stand to transport guests to another world – just a small taste of the enchanting power of Disneyland® Paris.