Disneyland® Paris
Making Disney Magic onsite
The Challenge

For over 10 years, Three Scoops has worked with Disneyland® Paris, designing print, digital and outdoor advertising, marketing collateral, and EDMs. For onsite communication campaigns, one challenge never changes: with the bombardment of visual spectacle and messaging across 2 Disney® Parks, 5 Disney® Hotels and Disney Village®, how do we design campaigns and signage that grab the attention of the right people at the right time?


Marketing Collateral
Packaging & POS
Creative Campaigns

The Strategy

Each project starts by putting ourselves in the shoes of the guest at the moment they come across our work. Where in Disneyland® Paris are they? What is the look & feel of that part of the destination? And who is the typical guest frequenting that area? This gives us a direction from which to approach the problem-solving for each campaign, so that the finished work provides continuity in the guest’s experience. If signage presents itself as the next natural step on the guest’s journey through Disneyland Paris, then half the work of attracting their attention has already been done.

Conjuring the Magic of

At Walt Disney Studio® Park, guests discover the secrets behind the making of the most magical scenes of Disney film and television.

So for the billboard at the Park’s entrance, we created a key visual that conjures the awe and wonder they will experience inside. Mickey and Walt stand in majestic silhouette, caught by beams of light that suggest studio spotlights illuminating actors, as well as the projector’s light that travels over our heads in the cinema to carry the filmmakers’ magic to the screen. Sepia tones evoke the age of classic Hollywood, when the Disney film journey began.

A quote from Walt Disney adds the final human touch, and a personal welcome to guests.

Festive Food Experiences

Disneyland® Paris develops special food products for all of its key seasons. For the Festival of Pirates and Princesses, we designed menus and related signage to evoke the rich, leather covers of classic adventure and fairy tale books, complete with goldleaf ornamentation.

For Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star WarsTM, the incandescent glow of lightsabers and laser blasts inspired a space electro feel, complemented by the geometric design aesthetic of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Making a Difference

For Disney® Hotels’ biodiversity program, we developed an educational campaign to show guests how each Disney Hotel was doing its bit to help the environment. A stylish visual concept brought a premium feel, reflecting the exclusivity of the Disney Hotels. The design’s simplicity allowed it to be rolled out across multiple Disney Hotels, each with their own look & feel. A wood and cut paper background evoked the natural world, while different colour theming for each poster suggested its context as one part of a wider series, encouraging guests to keep an eye out for other posters in the campaign.