Jack Link’s
Hooking buyers
on a bolder new beef
The Challenge

Jack Link’s was launching a new addition to their beef snack range in Australia & New Zealand: Biltong. While loved in South Africa, where this beef curing technique started, Biltong was unknown in our part of the world – and it sounds weird. So how could we design product packaging and a FMCG marketing campaign to encourage product trial and communicate Biltong’s premium nature?


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The Strategy

Market research confirmed our instincts that “premium” was all about emphasising the quality of the ingredients. Food photography of the coriander, chilli and pepper could start the consumer’s mouth watering. And descriptive language could let them luxuriate in the flavours while learning the rich story behind Biltong. Colour cues could also separate Biltong from the rest of the Jack Link’s range.

For the launch campaign, focusing on the exoticism of Biltong’s origins might prove too alienating for shoppers in the supermarket snack aisles. Instead we turned to the wildness at the heart of the Jack Link’s brand – its spirit of challenging your limits. The FMCG marketing would focus on the boldness of the Biltong flavour, daring our customers to take on this new beast.

The Solution

A classic black pack and gorgeous product photography immediately distinguishes Biltong as a premium snack. Its health benefits – a key selling point – are prominently showcased on the front, while the story behind Biltong is elaborated on the back in Jack Link’s trademark tongue-in-cheek style.

For the launch campaign, lion tamer imagery and the slogan “Tame The Flavour” communicate Biltong’s boldness in a fun, unexpected way that subtly hints at the product’s African origins, while literally putting Jack Link’s newest star in the spotlight, centre stage.