Gumbuya World
Supercharging sales
with a bold creative campaign
The Challenge

Following a $50 million redevelopment, Gumbuya World relaunched as a state-of-the-art theme park in 2017. But in a competitive market, it needed to raise awareness levels. How could their summer media campaign cut through?


Above-The-Line Advertising
Creative Campaigns
Digital Marketing

The Strategy

Gumbuya World needed to show they provided something not matched by rival parks and out-of-home options. And they needed to target Millennials, who are globally the biggest theme park champions.

To do this, we would show how Gumbuya’s combination of water, wildlife, rides, live music and dining made it the Ultimate Fun Fusion offering unique and surprising sensory experiences that linger in the memory (and are Instamazing!).

The Solution

Our summer campaign focused on bold “combo images”. These melded two elements from the park to create something new, unexpected and endlessly changing. Around this, we featured imagery of action at the park that forefronted Millennial singles, parents and their children.

For radio, the “combo images” were adapted into fun rhyming wordplay, and dynamic vocal changes to convey energy and surprise.


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