Gumbuya World
Building the brand
with Halloween hijinks
The Challenge

As a relatively new theme park with major water attractions, Gumbuya World needed to strengthen their appeal in colder months to grow the brand as a year-round entertainment destination. How could they create new sales opportunities and provide more fun to attract annual pass holders during these periods?


Live Activations & Experiences
Brand Partnerships
Brand Strategy
Digital Marketing
Social Media

The Strategy

Create milestone themed events throughout the year – starting with a Halloween party! We decided a brand partnership was a great, cost-effective way to achieve cut-through in the competitive school holidays, reach a wider audience and add the prestige needed to make the public feel no period is off-peak at Gumbuya World.

The Solution

With a strong fanbase and a new movie just out in cinemas, the zany Hotel Transylvania characters were the perfect Halloween stars to get our target family audience excited.

The Hotel Transylvania live show was the centerpiece of our Gumbooya celebration, but complemented by Trick or Treat Treasure Hunts, creepy costume competitions and other activities to integrate all of Gumbuya World into the event.

An online advertising and email campaign got the buzz happening in the lead-up to this fiendish fun.