Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
A bold voice for a bold snack
The Challenge

Still a newcomer in the Australian snack market, Jack Link’s beef jerky needed to improve brand recognition and cut-through with their core male demo.


Research and Insight
Brand Strategy
Brand Partnerships
Digital Advertising
Radio Advertising
Print Advertising
Packaging & POS
Asset Creation
Graphic Design

The Strategy

Jack Link’s American campaigns centre around their mascot “Sasquatch” but we felt a different approach was needed for Australia where Sasquatch was unknown amongst local consumers. Instead we positioned Jack Link’s as a lifestyle brand, emphasising masculinity, adventure, edginess and fun.

The Solution

We developed a series of major nationwide campaigns based around the message “Man Needs Meat” and, later, “Feed Your Wild Side”. These encompassed print, radio and outdoor advertising, supported by regular competitions and aggressive digital & social media campaigns. Bold, eye-catching graphics and headlines were used, with a strong sense of edgy fun and “telling it like it is”.

This direction was supported by a major sponsorship of Tough Mudder Australia, a natural fit for the Jack Link’s brand values of masculinity and adventure.

In 2017, we added a new dimension to Jack Link’s conversation with consumers by creating a brand partnership between Jack Link’s and the FOX TV series Family Guy, coinciding with the release of Family Guy Season 16 on DVD. Family Guy was a perfect brand partner as it shared Jack Link’s fun and edgy brand values, allowing us to add freshness to Jack Link’s brand statement at the same time as bringing Family Guy’s passionate fan-base to the brand through an interactive digital campaign which rolled out new story content set in the Family Guy world involving the characters interacting with Jack Link’s in a funny, self-aware way.