Jack Link's Beef Jerky
Spreading jerky love with laughs
The Challenge

The jerky category is still relatively new in Australia, but has become more and more competitive since Jack Link’s popularised the product here. With a modest budget available for television advertising, what could we create that would encourage more people to try Jack Link’s delicious taste and bolster its position as category leader?


Campaign Development
Television Advertising
Radio Advertising
Social Media
Media Buying

The Strategy

We set out to find a simple concept that would stand out by focusing on Jack Link’s trademark cheeky wit and unapologetic boldness to “go there” and be transgressive. This would roll out across regional television, gym and servo TV screens and online to give most bang for our limited media buck.

The Solution

Meet Kiwi cows Dylan and Geoff… and their absent friend Bridget who’s a hit at every party since she went to Australia. The commercial uses comedy to slyly sell the message of Jack Link’s delicious taste, in a compulsively rewatchable way. And it introduces two loveable lead characters who can recur in later advertising.

The television campaign was supported by a radio version, and a social media campaign that included a cheeky “postcard” concept to give Bridget a presence in the story as Australian’s took her to all their favourite places and events.