Jack Link’s + Family Guy
A freakin’ sweet partnership
The Challenge

Our work with Jack Link’s launched the brand with a bang. But now the business had built a core market, how could they improve cut-through in a competitive category and encourage new customers to try the product, in order to take sales growth to the next level?


Research and Insight
Brand Strategy and Partnerships
ATL/BTL Advertising
Marketing Collateral
Packaging & POS

The Strategy

Having established a bold identity for Jack Link’s, we reasoned the time was right to add a new dimension to the conversation with consumers by creating a brand partnership – always a powerful way to get cut-through and exposure to new customers. But Jack Link’s brand voice is unapologetically unconventional, so it couldn’t team up with just any brand, and couldn’t roll out just any promotional campaign.

The Solution

We found the perfect partner in the hit FOX TV series Family Guy, which was releasing its Season 16 DVD. Family Guy shared Jack Link’s fun and edgy brand values, allowing us to add freshness to Jack Link’s brand statement at the same time as bringing Family Guy’s passionate fan-base to the brand.

An interactive digital campaign rolled out new story content set in the Family Guy world involving the characters interacting with Jack Link’s in a funny, self-aware way. The story played across social media, digital ads, the Jack Link’s website, and in radio commercials.

A fresh pack design featuring Family Guy’s Peter Griffin was created, linked to a major competition that was part of the ongoing narrative.