Jack Link's + WWE
Creating a high impact tag-team
The Challenge

Building on our work partnering Jack Link’s with Family Guy, how could we find new ways to keep building Jack Link’s cut-through in a competitive category, and expose the brand to new customers?


Brand Partnership
TVC Production
Digital Advertising
Asset Creation
Graphic Design

The Strategy

Jack Link’s is the wildest snack on the racks and entertainment brands don’t come wilder than WWE®. So when the WWE® brought its Super Show-Down to Australia in October 2018, it only made sense that these two power brands should join forces for a high-protein tag-team that would increase awareness of Jack Link’s amongst the huge WWE® audience. But, as it was likely to be the first time many WWE® fans had encountered the brand, the campaign would need to be damn entertaining in its own right!

The Solution

With only a short lead time to work with, we burned the midnight oil to create a live activation and a 30 second commercial to play at the MCG during the Super Show-Down.

The commercial, starring a Jack Link’s pack as a slammin’ new WWE® Superstar, caught fans’ attention by creating the initial impression a real wrestler was about to enter the ring live at the event. Meanwhile the activation put fans inside the ring to do some slamming of their own, thanks to an interactive wrestling photo-point.

This was supported in the lead-up to the Super Show-Down by a competition to win VIP tickets to the show and meet WWE® superstars Shaemus and Cesaro, and a Facebook live Q&A session where Shaemus and Cesaro interacted with fans while sampling the Jack Link’s flavours.