LG + Ghostbusters
When you
need the freedom
of cordless suction…
Who you gonna call?
The Challenge

LG was launching a new range of cordless vacuums. Not only did they need to achieve cut-through in a highly competitive market but they wanted to engage Millennials and Gen Ys, who they identified as key potential consumers.


Brand Strategy
TV Advertising
Print Advertising
Digital Advertising
Asset Creation
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

The Strategy

Standing out in such a crowded market required a point of difference beyond the product itself. We identified a brand partnership as the perfect answer. It would provide unique imagery no other competitor could offer, and double LG’s brand power by harnessing consumers’ loyalty to the partner brand. The right partner would also tap into the younger market and amplify LG’s key message of technological innovation.

The Solution

We created a brand partnership between LG & Ghostbusters.

Sony’s reboot of the beloved movie franchise was hitting cinemas at the same time as the launch of the LG range. It offered the benefit of pre-existing intense public interest, particularly among Millenials and Gen Ys, and it was a movie associated with fun gadgets that sucked up nasties.

We designed and rolled out a campaign across TV, radio, print and digital, using excerpts of the movie in conjunction with LG product imagery to command attention and drive home key messages. Eye-catching point-of-sale material continued this messaging in stores.

And to get the most brand value from the partnership, we centred the campaign around a competition to win a Ghostbusters experience in New York worth $20,000 by buying an LG vacuum.