Medibank Icehouse
Bringing visitation
out of the cold
The Challenge

A world class ice-skating venue? Tick. But why weren’t more skaters coming? Visitation levels at Medibank Icehouse were a fraction of what their business model had factored. Was it is awareness? The location? Or were people just not as into ice-skating as they thought?


Research and Insight
Brand Strategy
Brand Partnerships
Digital Advertising
Radio Advertising
Print Advertising

The Strategy

Our research discovered that many consumers had never tried ice skating and thought it was hard and scary. So an education campaign was needed. But we also needed a strategy to increase visitation in the short term, while that education campaign rolled out. The answer? Reposition the Icehouse as an “ice-skating plus…” venue.

The Solution

We developed a new programming calendar to appeal to all genders and a broader age group. Activities such as ice tubing overcame the intimidation of skating, promising easy fun for anyone. Themed attractions such as “Summer Chills ‘n’ Thrills” were created to draw in the whole family during peak school holiday periods. These were supported by more cost effective “always on” promotion throughout the year.