Phillip Island
Creating a new tourist attraction
The Challenge

Phillip Island Nature Parks were redeveloping the area known as “The Nobbies” and wanted to introduce a paid attraction. What concept would complement the wider Phillip Island identity and be a compelling attraction that would drive visitation?


Stakeholder Management
Brand Identity
Marketing Collateral
Social Media Marketing
Database Marketing

The Strategy

Develop an attraction that would use cutting edge, interactive technology to explore environmental, ecological and wildlife themes.
And ideally do it in partnership with a brand that would bring a level of authenticity and credibility to the attraction.

The Solution

We identified the World Wildlife Fund as the perfect partner. After preparing a proposal to secure their interest, we devised a thorough stakeholder management process to ensure the project reflected the integrity of each party. Harnessing the expertise of the WWF and Phillip Island’s own team, we were able to design a spectacular multimedia experience that takes visitors on a virtual journey into the wonderful world of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

The core exhibition design was supported by design of a brand identity for the attraction, marketing collateral, and an advertising campaign complemented by social media and database marketing campaigns.