Serene Body Health
The balance to build
a strong beauty brand
The Challenge

Serene makes beautiful smelling, wearable essential oils. It’s a novel approach. Essential oils are more often used as candles or with vaporisers, and they’re traditionally associated with strong unfashionable scents. How could Serene clearly communicate its unique difference to take their business to the next level?


Brand Strategy/Development
Packaging & POS
Digital Marketing
Above-The-Line Advertising
Social Media
Digital Development
Web Development

The Strategy

We decided to brand Serene as “perfume oils”, and position it as the perfume of essential oils: an integral part of a modern, fashionable lifestyle. We kept Serene in the essential oil category, as it would be easier to convince essential oil users to replace their perfume with Serene than it would be to convince perfume users to switch to oils. But we would use the language and visuals of perfumes to distinguish Serene within the category…

The Solution

Small but important changes were made to the colour scheme and iconography of Serene’s packaging, to make it more visually attractive and consistent as a set.

A new brand slogan, “The balance to be”, embodies the mindfulness that Serene helps consumers achieve, as well as the brand’s balance of self-care with style. We continued this theme into the design of a new gift box, which uses stunning photography to suggest nature within a fashion context.

Print Extensions

This print advertisement stylishly showcased Serene’s organic ingredients, while the beautiful colour scheme promises the aesthetically pleasing experience the consumer will enjoy once they open a bottle. The subtle flow of fabric at the bottom suggests the calming nature of the oils, while providing a link to the brand’s hero photography.

Digital Extensions

A website redesign helped Serene continue its sense of fashion online. The message hierarchy of the site was improved to better communicate what the product was. And the online store was made much more prominent, to speed up the user’s journey to check-out.

We also developed a gorgeous EDM template and a strategy for Serene to improve its digital marketing, to drive product awareness and build the brand’s database for future marketing.