Sunbeam Sultanas & Blinky Bill
Teaming two Aussie
icons to reach the hearts
of new consumers
The Challenge

Sunbeam Sultanas wanted a way to be more relevant to a new generation of grocery buyers but stay true to their heritage and their Australian brand identity.


Brand Strategy
Brand Partnerships
Digital Advertising
Packaging & POS
Asset Creation
Graphic Design

The Strategy

A brand partnership offered a way to introduce an exciting sense of freshness and surprise to Sunbeam’s brand without undertaking the kind of major rebranding that would compromise its heritage.

The Solution

We created a brand partnership between Sunbeam and another Australian icon, Blinky Bill. Blinky had recently undergone his own brand refresh for a more contemporary look, and was about to step into the public spotlight with the release of a new Blinky Bill movie. We created new Sunbeam packaging and point of sale material featuring Blinky. We also developed a new promotional website, supported by a retail and digital campaign, which launched at the same time as the Blinky movie.