Tough Mudder & Popeye
Selling the sailor man
to modern consumers
The Challenge

King Features were refreshing Popeye to make the character more relevant in the 21st Century. They wanted help to drive brand awareness, and in particular connect with the health & fitness market they saw as key potential consumers.


Asset Creation
Graphic Design

The Strategy

We identified a major sponsorship of Tough Mudder
Australia as a poweful way to quickly supercharge
Popeye’s position in the public eye as a modern, hip and healthy brand.

The Solution

We designed a complete presence for Popeye in and around the Tough Mudder event. This included designing signage for a signature Popeye obstacle on the course, managing a live activation at the event, and creating content for a Popeye page in the Tough Mudder website, including a competition. A grungy graphical look was used for all elements of the campaign to empahsise a hip, modern sensibility. The copywriting played up the engaging fun of Popeye’s larger-than-life persona, connecting his can-do attitude to consumers’s fitness goals.