Diva Beverages + Wu-Tang
A blockbuster boost
for a new product launch
The Challenge

Diva perfected a liqueur that tasted like vodka but cost less to produce, placing it well to target the younger 18-25 market of party-goers who were price-sensitive. But how could they cut through when launching in this notoriously competitive category?


Brand Identity
Packaging & POS
Brand Launch
Marketing Collateral
Website and Social
Database Marketing

The Strategy

Knowing the target market is highly peer-influenced, our strategy was to partner with an existing brand that already resonated with that demographic. While some partnerships involve balancing the personalities of both brand partners, in this case the liqueur would entirely reflect the partner’s brand, to become an authentic part of their relationship with their fan-base. Since we were positioning the liqueur as a party drink, this partner brand needed to bring a caché of good times and swagger.

The Solution

Legendary hip hop collective the Wu-Tang Clan was identified as a perfect partner for Diva’s needs. Wu-Tang brought a devoted following, an edgy personality, and an established aesthetic that already extended beyond the music to be a complete lifestyle statement.

We leveraged Wu-Tang Clan’s brand personality to completely shape the identity of Diva’s new drink. Wu-Tang Clan Premium Liqueur became the official name of the line, with Wu-Tang’s iconography and music lyrics used prominently throughout the packaging, flavour variant naming and the advertising campaign.

A full social media strategy was devised as part of this campaign, developing the party personality of the brand and enticing consumers to embrace the drink as a badge of being on trend within their social circles.