Secon Freight Logistics
Delivering a major new
communications strategy
The Challenge

Secon is a family business that became a significant player in the logistics industry. In 2019 they were taking their next big step – rolling out a new fleet, new headquarters, and new inventory tracking software. Together, these allowed Secon to adopt innovative new processes that put them at the front of the industry. But for them to work, Secon’s staff and clients needed to not just embrace but lead the change. How could we excite them to be an active part of this new era?


Communications Strategy
Creative Campaign
Marketing Collateral

The Strategy

We had already based Secon’s brand identity on the importance of people. This new communications campaign could now develop that, by focusing on the human story behind every piece of freight. Rather than making efficiency the hero, we would show how these changes made lives better – for clients, for staff and for the community.

The Solution

An explanatory brochure framed the changes by looking back to how this bold new era started: as the dream of Secon’s beloved late CEO, Terry Considine. Thanks to Secon’s staff teaming together, they could now make Terry’s dream a reality.

Building visually on this concept of “delivering a dream”, the brochure used tilt-shift photography to give Secon’s massive equipment a dreamy, toy-like quality.

A stylish video extended this message to the dreams of Secon’s clients and staff, highlighting their dreams while showing the new changes that could helped deliver them. The video continued the campaign’s “tilt-shift” toy-like look, and put real people front and centre – even using a Secon staff member as narrator.