Wilson Parking
Changing parking
The Challenge

Wilson Parking is the biggest player in parking but, in a competitive industry, how could it maximise patronage at under-performing locations and off-peak hours?


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The Strategy

Usage figures showed that the public got the value of parking during business hours. We needed to demonstrate that parking improved their weekend and night-time experience just as much. We could do this by spotlighting unique benefits offered by specific under-performing locations. Wilson Parking also had existing products that, if showcased better, could prove parking was often better value than public transport. To communicate this, we also needed to develop an “ownable” look & feel that could be implemented across multiple campaigns but still be distinctively Wilson Parking.

The Solution

We designed this stylish look to be easily customised for different campaigns. A striking, unexpected hero image was combined with a quirky headline, creating a disarming, human tone to help shift consumer perception of parking from a hassle to a help. A dotted line element suggests how Wilson was part of your bigger journey, working hard to get you where you really want to be, while prominent red reinforced the brand recognition.

Darling square

This car park in Sydney’s Chinatown was located on a side-road that made it hard to find. But given its low rates and proximity to the CBD, we turned this into a selling feature: Sydney’s best parking secret. The image of the cat statue and “You’re In Luck” headline encapsulated this message an unexpected way that communicated its Chinatown location. Car park attendance at Darling Square improved following the campaign.

Riverfire Event

We identified events like Brisbane’s annual Riverfire festival as perfect opportunities to emphasise another benefit of Wilson Parking: their spread of car parks lets you skip the crowds at big events by driving closer to the venue, getting you there faster to nab the best seat in the house.

Park & Party

Two deterrents to night parking are a perception it’s expensive, and an aversion to using the car if you want to drink. We felt Wilson already had a great overnight parking deal, which allowed customers to leave their car overnight and pick it up the next morning. So we gave the product a makeover, with a new name – “Park & Party” – and a campaign emphasising how the convenience and comfort of driving lets you start your party in the car, and at a price equivalent or cheaper than the cost of a group of your friends catching public transport.