Searoad Ferries
Turning transport
into an attraction
The Challenge

Searoad Ferries was seen by its customers as a great service to get across the bay. But how could they establish new customer segments to grow the business?

Brand Identity
Marketing Collateral
Outdoor Advertising
On-board Environmental Design
Database Marketing
Digital Advertising


The Strategy

Searoad was already connected to the local tourism industry, so we reasoned the most powerful lever for change was to make the business an actual part of that tourism experience, rather than just a way to get there. The marketing needed to change from ‘Departing Schedules’ to experience-based communications, complemented by new product offerings that reshaped the service.

The Solution

We developed a new visual language for the brand, focusing on the experiential aspects of the journey to make the ferry itself a tourist attraction. The slogan “Explore, Travel, Relax” identified different drivers motivating this market, and communications were tailored to each. Searoad’s new offering was bolstered by destination marketing which provided incentives to visit attractions on the ‘other side’.