Melbourne Star
Come Fly With Me
The Challenge

Soon after launch, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel closed for five years for repairs. When it reopened, attendance numbers were significantly below expectation. They needed a way to bring Melbourne and the tourist market back to the wheel.


Brand Strategy
TV Advertising
Print Advertising
Digital Advertising
Asset Creation
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

The Strategy

We identified 3 key issues impacting attendance:
1. Lack of awareness the Melbourne Star was operational again.
2. Excitement to try it had faded, as the novelty of its construction had passed in the years it was being repaired.
3. Its location in Docklands, outside the CBD and in an area still under development.

Addressing these required a multi-faceted but integrated strategy, consisting of 3 main elements:
Rebranding: augmenting the wheel by packaging it as a series of experiences that would entice the public to give it a try
Publicity: driving awareness with a major publicity campaign
Website redesign: overhauling the Melbourne Star’s website to better showcase it and sell key messages, and improving online ticketing to maximize off-site sales

The Solution

We reimagined the Melbourne Star as two experiences – daytime fun for families & tourists, and evening sophistication for twenty & thirtysomethings – united under the branding “Come Fly With Me”.

New products were created as part of this, such as “Sparkling Sunset” flights where patrons could enjoy champagne and music while taking in the stunning sunset views.