How to win customers using your competitor’s success… and the power of fun


Not the category leader? Here’s a couple of great examples of how you can leverage your competitor’s success to your advantage, using the power of fun.

Recently fast-food giant Burger King took a cheeky stab at rival McDonald’s by releasing their own take on the Happy Meal. Burger King dubbed their versions “Real Meals”. They showcased a spectrum of emotions that are arguably more relatable to a lot of us as we battle through our days, with the slogan “no one is happy all the time”.

Feeling down? Maybe the “Blue Meal” can reassure you that you’re not alone. Or depending on how your day’s going, you might want to jump straight to the “Pissed Meal” or the “DGAF [Don’t Give a F**k] Meal”. It wasn’t all negativity – the “Yaaas Meal” was there for people with something to celebrate. The contents of the boxes were identical, but it was a fun way for Burger King to win attention while suggesting they (and by extension their food) is “real”, whereas their famous rival is “fake” and “manufactured”.



And if you think that’s disruptive, check out what Burger King got up to in this campaign:



A practical joke at Macca’s expense that had people downloading Burger King’s app in droves. Job done.

So never underestimate the power of fun. Marketing that makes you smile actually improves the audience’s day. Something that’s fun is fun to share, fun to talk about with friends, and fun to remember for days afterwards. Fun can bend logic.

You may not be the biggest player out there, but if you can be the joker and do it well, then you can change the factors influencing customers’ buying decisions. You can take your competitor’s strengths and turn them to your own advantage in campaigns that win customers’ hearts and get them doing your advertising for you.


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